Harness Personal Data, Drive Growth
& Support Compliance

trust-hub’s unique, modular platform enables personal data to flow securely through your business, adapting to operational needs and supporting regulatory compliance. Unlock the power of your personal data and gain business advantage with visibility and control.

Ensure Compliance

Track the key metrics that reveal your level of compliance with data protection regulations and laws, including the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

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Privacy Lens

Monitor how personal data is used, stored and processed at every level of your organisation. Identify systems or processes that are creating compliance risk.

Privacy Lens Features

Secure data flows

Power productivity without compromising privacy

360 total visualisation

See software and manually gathered data in one view

High-level data mapping

Pinpoint all personal data across the enterprise & supply chain

Relationship modelling

Associates data-sets with individual people, processes, places and platforms

Real-time reporting

Demonstrate best practice and compliance on demand

Engage your customers and protect their privacy with Privacy Hub

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