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It’s an exciting but challenging GDPR journey. Do you want to be one of the winners?

Latest Software Released: Privacy Lens 2.28 - Enhancing your view of external data risks

Last year in the UK alone there were 18,000 Data Protection Complaints, which resulted in 126 Audits and Risk Reviews by the Information Commissioner's Office. Avoiding a Complaint and/or an Audit is about much more than filling in regulatory forms. Find out more

Sustainable Compliance and Competitive Advantage

trust-hub’s Privacy Lens will take you beyond GDPR. GDPR is just the start of new regulations, focusing on protecting the data subject as we move towards digital transformation. From here on it’s about Personal Data Governance and handling on-going regulation.

Data governance with trust-hub

Transparency, accountability and control are the three key areas GDPR regulators focus on. Here's how trust-hub helps you meet compliance expectations in these areas.


trust-hub’s dynamic mapping process means you always know what data you hold and what you are doing with it.


Use trust-hub’s advanced features to ensure the GDPR compliance processes that underpin your business are fair and lawful.


Demonstrate your GDPR compliance. Collect only the personal data that is required and store it securely for only as long as it is needed.

trust-hub dashboard

The trust-hub innovative platform enables you to understand your whole personal data ecosystem and supports your journey to personal data governance. It’s more than just compliance, it’s about structural change and competitive advantage.

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