Article 30 compliance solved in just one click

The latest release of trust-hub’s Privacy Lens personal data governance application puts at your fingertips the information you’ll need if a data regulator ever appears at your door.

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Personal Data Governance

The latest release of trust-hub’s Privacy Lens offers a unique set of features and benefits, including some powered by Artificial Intelligence.

You’re in business with your customers, not the regulators

Thanks to GDPR and the rise of increased data regulation, many companies have become paranoid about staying on the right side of regulating authorities such as the ICO.

What happens when consumers drive data privacy standards?

Dixons Carphone has just admitted a huge data breach involving 1.2 million personal data records. Yahoo UK was fined £250,000 by the ICO for a 2014 breach.

What is ‘personal data’ today, and what will it look like tomorrow?

Now that GDPR has arrived, businesses are either feeling secure or nervous about what they have done to protect their customers’ and prospects’ personal data.

What’s the weakest link in the supply chain?

Pan out and think about how your business really works for a moment. It’s not operating in a silo. It’s connected to a vast network of partners and suppliers that work together to help you deliver the products and services you offer.

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