Enhancements to completeness reports in Privacy Lens

Privacy Lens now offers enhanced completeness exception reporting – further improving one of our customers’ favourite features.

Using Privacy Lens to model jurisdictional scope at a US state level

The latest version of Privacy Lens is even more valuable to organisations with operations, suppliers or customers in the United States.

Should your customers have been erased?

The right to erasure, also known as the ‘right to be forgotten’, is one of the cornerstones of GDPR. Individuals can request that your company deletes their personal data.

Mind the Gap Analysis

In the final weeks and months leading up to the arrival of GDPR, a number of nervous businesses were sold on the idea of commissioning a gap analysis.

The do’s and don’ts of orphaned personal data

Imagine that your business holds personal data on an individual that is no longer being – or has never been – used. For example, the CV of an unsuccessful recruit, including their address and contact details.

Dealing with data breaches should be business as usual

Increasingly, we will start to see companies treating customers differently. We began to see emails warning us about data breaches and what this means for us.