Secure Storage, Processing & Rights Management

trust-hub is an innovative, hosted platform that enables organisations to capitalise on shifts in the data protection and privacy landscape. The unique framework offers secure storage, processing and rights management for personal data on a case-by-case basis and is designed to support data protection and privacy regulations, including GDPR.   Privacy Hub dashboard

Key Features

  • Ultra-secure, UK-based hosted platform
  • Scalable and portable data architecture
  • Rapid data-item encryption and data retrieval
  • Configurable enterprise dashboard
  • Comprehensive rights management toolkit
  • Authenticated multi-channel communication

Core Components

  • Hardware security module driven encryption
  • Flexible graph database
  • Secure remote analysis server
  • Multi-factor authentication (FIDO compliant)
  • Mobile and tablet app
  • Simple integration via RESTful API


Create secure and universally accessible personal data sets in accordance with GDPR. Encrypt and pseudonymise each customer and employee data item uniquely. Store personal data in one of the world’s most secure data storage facilities. Rapidly retrieve personal data as and when required.


Increase productivity and efficiency across your organisation. Enable accredited individuals and teams to access and share data easily and securely. Provide your Data Protection Officer (DPO) with the tools required to operate effectively. Exploit digital and commercial innovations by facilitating the safe flow of consent-driven customer data across your organisation.

Create Data Liquidity

Realise the true value of personal data within your business by placing it in the right hands at the right time, without exposing your customers and organisation to disproportionate risk.

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  • Trust Hub

Rights manager

Respond efficiently to new customer and employee rights such as erasure and portability, and to stricter requirements for subject access requests.


Efficiently comply with the new rights of your customers and employees.

Rapidly respond to consumer and employee requests to access, rectify, port or erase their data.

Track, request and update consent transparently.

Empower your customers to easily update their personal data for mutual benefit.


Enhance customer experience with frictionless and authenticated communication channels.

Protect your customers and organisation from fraud.

Remove the need for ongoing identification and verification (ID&V).

Create an opportunity to strengthen your brand and relationships with your audience.

Engage your customers and protect their privacy

Mobile Application Improve the customer experience and support authenticated communication with our smartphone app, which lets users easily view and update their personal data and consent status. Available on both Android and iOS devices, the app includes encrypted voice, video and messaging features. Enterprise Portal Remove the need for repeated identification and verification (ID&V), without compromising on security. The trust-hub enterprise portal allows you to rapidly respond to customer requests and preserve their privacy. Permission-based controls ensure your customer service teams only see the essential personal data they need to conduct their tasks.

Privacy Hub on iPhone
Privacy Hub on desktop