Meet Some of the Team

Simon Loopuit

Ideas and strategic thinking

He’s the visionary entrepreneur. He sees new opportunities everywhere, every day. But the best business leaders never trade in ignorance and Simon is no dreamer. When he tells us that personal privacy is about opportunity rather than just compliance we think he’s on to something.

Will Parton

Chief of all technology

Quite simply, he’s the award-winning technologist to watch according to Cyber Security Award judges. Why? Will sees emerging technology challenges from every point of view and has the aptitude to offer others a 360° business view.

William Hern

Solutions for all things techy

He’s the tech guru with real creative nous. He’ll explain concepts you’ve never been able to master in simple language you’ll always understand. When he’s not architecting innovative data privacy solutions, he’s exercising his creative side by writing cyber-tech thrillers.

Ali Hassan

Creating opportunities through partnership

He’s the partner expert who understands that great business relationships only happen when you listen and learn. He really engages once he’s got right to the heart of the business challenges you’re trying to overcome.